Blocked Road

The Town of Amherstburg has been notified that both Lake Erie Country Club Drive and Lakeside Drive have become impassable due to the blizzard like conditions. The Town has sent front end loaders to clear the road so the plow can come down. It is expected to be cleared late in the day.

3:00 PM Update: The front end loader has cleared the road. It is passable for one car at a time. It is presently -20°c with the wind chill a stunning -33°c.

8:00PM Update: An even bigger front end loader has mad the road a bit wider. The wind is starting to diminish, but it is still cold -20°c.

A big thank you to all of those who helped the stranded, especially Brian Mentley and his trusted sidekick Aussie. Brian has made it his mission to keep the roads in a usable condition all season.

If you are coming to LECC on the in the next few days, be prepared for massive drifts on porches and in driveways.