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Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. was created by Letters Patent in 1918. All of the land encompassed by Registered Plan 1038 for The Town of Amherstburg (formerly the Township of Malden), County of Essex, was originally owned by our parent company Lake Erie Fish Company Ltd. LEFC Ltd. then went on to subdivide the area into two main areas, the private property along Lakeside Drive and the common area known as Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. Only owners of property are members in LECC Ltd. and the relationship of the property on the south of Lakeside Drive and LECC Ltd. was spelled out in those original documents and restrictive covenant. There is a "Restrictive Covenant" on all properties along Lakeside Drive. The object of the corporation was to promote, organize, conduct, and manage a Golf, Country and Social Club and to lay out golf links, tennis courts, ball grounds and parks and to erect a clubhouse and other necessary buildings thereon. Residential lots within these lands were sold to various owners and continue to be sold to subsequent owners on the basis that they are buying a lot in a desirable and regulated local community. A private road (Lake Erie Country Club Drive) services each lot within the Lake Erie Country Club Subdivision. This road has at all times, since its inception, been maintained by Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. Since 1918 all owners of the lots within Lake Erie Country Club have been required to contribute to the cost of maintaining the club’s private access road and common area. Court action by Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. in May 2001 has reaffirmed this requirement. As a result of that action Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. is now operating under the terms of the new updated guidelines spelled out in the new Restrictive Covenant Schedule "C"

  • All property owners of land in Plan 1038 of Town of Amherstburg are members at Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. and as such are required to contribute to the upkeep of the common area owned by LECC Ltd. These areas include but are not limited to the road, lighting, ball diamond, clubhouse, volley ball court, tennis court, basketball court, play ground, boat ramp, marsh and forest, over 180 acres in total. All members have non-exclusive use of the facilities.

  • All original property owners were obligated to purchase shares in Lake Erie Country Club Ltd. at a cost of $200.00 per share. One share was allocated per 20 feet of front footage on Lakeside Dr. Only current property owners may own shares in LECC Ltd., therefore new owners are deemed to receive shares in LECC Ltd. upon transfer of the title.

  • Annual common area fees, which includes maintenance of the road (Lake Erie Country Club Drive), lighting, club properties and structures, taxes, insurance, etc., vary from year to year and are directly reflective of the expenses occurred in the previous year. The cost for the 2015/2016 fiscal year is about $330.00 depending on the size of the property. The common area assessment is direct reflection of the expenses incurred in each fiscal year and can vary from year to year. Please contact the listing agent to get an exact amount for a specific property.

  • LECC, at its unfettered discretion, may grant Members in good standing who own lots #35 to #106, both inclusive (#229 – 607 Lakeside Drive) the ability to rent some of the property on the north side of the road from LECC Ltd. on a year to year basis for their own use or for the construction of a building. Owners are responsible for upkeep, insurance and taxes of private buildings located on LECC Ltd. property. Building on or alteration of the property north of the road is strictly prohibited without the express written permission from Lake Erie Country Club Limited, Essex Region Conservation Area (ERCA) and the Town of Amherstburg. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in legal action. Property north of lots #1 to #34, both inclusive, (#75 - #225 Lakeside Drive) is set aside for common area and is designated a “no build zone” and may not be leased or altered.

  • Social participation in club functions is not required, but new members are encouraged to participate and enjoy the functions held at LECC Ltd. Some of the events planned for this year include a pancake breakfast, corn roast, Halloween party, fun day, baseball games etc.See the Events page for all the scheduled activities.

  • The Town of Amherstburg provides garbage & blue box pickup, road-grading, water etc. School busses from various boards pick students up at the roadside in front of their homes.

  • LECC Ltd. is completely surrounded by the Holiday Beach Conservation Area on three sides and by Lake Erie on the fourth. This assures residents of privacy and a certain quality of life that comes with living in a secluded area. Holiday Beach conservation Area has long been recognized as one of the premier raptor viewing areas in all of North America. The Essex Region Conservation Authority, in partnership with the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory, has been able to have this extraordinary area designated as a globally “Important Bird Area”. You can learn more about the Festival of Hawks at

  • The Lake Erie Country Club Men's Club uses the marsh from during hunting season and those members that are so inclined may join. There is a separate fee for this event, which is not included in the regular common area fees.