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Shipping Season Opens

Boat Nerd

The 2016 shipping season has opened on the Great Lakes. Have you ever wondered what ship is going by the front of your home? BoatNerd has that covered. It is a Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping Web Page, the Online source for Great Lakes commercial shipping information. Updated daily site features Vessel Passages from around the Lakes and Seaway, extensive Photo Galleries, Facts and Figures, up to the minute News, Where to Buy, Calendar of Events, comprehensive list of Links and much more.

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Amherstburg Strategic Plan

The Town of Amherstburg is embarking on a process to develop a Community Based Strategic Plan which will inform decision making and provide direction in terms of future priorities. This plan will serve to enhance our community’s long-term prosperity, heritage and culture. In developing this strategy the Municipality has retained the services of MDB Insight Inc., a strategic planning and economic development specialist consultancy with extensive experience working with local communities across Canada. MDB Insight will be working to engage residents and the business community to build a vision for Amherstburg.

Your input is encouraged as part of the development of this plan and will help shape your community’s future.

As part of the strategic planning process, this survey will help identify the strengths and challenges of municipal services, as well as economic opportunities and local priorities.

All answers will remain confidential and results will only be published in aggregate form. Your contribution is important to ensure future projects, services and spending are focused on the community’s priorities. This is your opportunity to participate in shaping your community.

If you experience any difficulty in completing this survey, please contact:

Jason Dias at or 1.855.367.3535 ex 229.

Take the Survey

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Co2 Detectors Mandatory

Daylight Savings Time is upon us again. Turn your clocks forward this coming Saturday March 12, 2016. This has always been a good time to check/change the batteries on your smoke and Co2 detector(s).

Ontario has made carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors mandatory in all homes and other residential buildings.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends a detector on each floor of a residence. At a minimum, a single detector should be placed on each sleeping floor with an additional detector in the area of any major gas burning appliances such as a furnace or water heater. Installation in these areas ensures rapid detection of any potentially malfunctioning appliances and the ability to hear the alarm from all sleeping areas. In general, carbon monoxide detectors should be placed high (near the ceiling) for most effective use. Detectors should also not be placed within five feet of gas fueled appliances or near cooking or bathing areas. Consult the manufacturers installation instructions for proper placement of a detector within a given area.

Please follow the links for more information on C02 Detectors or Smoke Alarms

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Wood Duck Nest-Boxes Refurbished

Brian King installs a new AMA wood duck nest-box in the LECC Marsh.

The population of the wood duck was in serious decline in the late 19th century as a result of severe habitat loss and market hunting both for meat and plumage for the ladies' hat market in Europe. By the beginning of the 20th century, wood ducks had virtually disappeared from much of their former range. By ending unregulated hunting and taking measures to protect remaining habitat, wood duck populations began to rebound in the 1920s. The development of the artificial nesting box in the 1930s gave an additional boost to wood duck production. The population of the wood duck has increased a great deal in the last several years. The increase has been due to the work of many people constructing wood duck nest-boxes and conserving vital habitat for the wood ducks to breed.

Lake Erie Country Club and the LECC Men’s Club has been participating in encouraging wood duck breeding in the LECC Marsh by installing wood duck nest-boxes. There are almost two dozen boxes scattered thought the marsh. The nest-boxes near Lakeside Drive have the entry hole facing south so the birds can be seen and observed easily from the road by Members.

The nest-box can have approximately 15 eggs lined with feathers from the female. Sometimes there will be as few as 6 eggs in the nest and on occasion, as many as 40! A single nest can have over 40 eggs, because some of the eggs were laid by other females. If a female cannot find a nest of her own, then she will lay her eggs inside another wood duck's nest!

For more information on wood ducks please visit the National Wildlife Federation or Wikipedia Wood Duck Page or AMA Sportsman Association.

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SOUPer Wednesday

SOUPer Wednesday

Get out of the cold on Wednesday February 24, 2016, get warm and enjoy some locally made soup while helping out a good community cause.

“SOUP”er Wednesday presented by Amherstburg Community Services includes All-You-Can Eat Soup, with Bread and Dessert for just $10.

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